Flowrox Schlauchquetschventil PVE/S

Size range: 25 mm
1000 mm
Pressure range: 1.0 bar
100.0 bar
Temperature range: -50 °C
160 °C

SBRT = Styrene butadiene
EPDM = Ethylene propylene
NR = Natural rubber
NBR = Nitrile
CSM = Hypalon
EPDMB = Green liquor sleeve
CR = Chloroprene
IIR = Butyl
NRF = Foodstuff natural rubber
NBRF = Foodstuff nitrile
HNBR = Hydrogenated nitrile
FPM = Fluorine rubber
PU = Polyurethane
*/M = Flowrox SensoMate sleeve
*/PU = PU-coating inside the sleeve
*/VAC = Vacuum sleeve
* = availabe for all listed elastomers

Actuator & extras: A = Pneumatic
AB = With manual override
AK = With electro-pneumatic positioner
AKU = With electro-pneumatic positioner and pneumatic spring
AKV = With electro-pneumatic positioner and mechanical spring
AKX = With integrated electro-pneumatic positioner
AN = With pneumatic positioner
AU = With pneumatic spring
AV = With mechanical spring
E = Electrical
EO = With electrical positioner
H = Hydraulic
M = Manual
Body Material: Cast Iron


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Schlauchquetschventile PVE/S

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