Model Series: RM552X-XXX-XX
Maximum Working Pressure: 125 p.s.i. (8.6 bar)
Maximum Temperature Limits:

25° F to 125° F (-5° C to 52° C)

Stroke: 37-3/4” (958.9 mm)

models RM552H-C: 355 lbs (161.0 kgs)

modelsRM552S-C-0: 248lbs(112.5kgs)

NoiseLevel@125p.s.i.(continuous duty):

87.7db(A) *

* The pump sound pressure levels published here have been updated to an Equivalent Continuous Sound Level (LAeq) to meet the intent of ANSI
S1.13-1971, CAGI-PNEUROP S5.1 using four microphone locations.

Two Post Lift / Ram, ARO RM552H-XXX-XX, ARO RM552S-XXX-XX

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